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Jan 8, 2008
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Hello BHW members,

Noticing the trend for youtube marketing, I am here to provide you with cheap
watermarking & uploading services for youtube.
Check out the prices:

Upload Only (you provide me with the accounts and videos)

100 videos $10
200 videos $20
300 videos $30
and so on =D

Watermark Only (you provide me with videos or a link to a youtube video)

100 videos $10
200 videos $20
300 videos $30
and so on =D

Watermark & Upload

100 videos $20
200 videos $40
and so on =D

Payment is through paypal.
Payment is like this: you pay half of your order, I give you the service, you pay the other half of the order. That way no one is scammed [I had some bad experiences before, hope you understand.]

I can give a review copy of 10 videos. :cow_yello
will you do adult videos ? i would need watermark + upload my FTP since my own internet is soo slow kek :)
nice service... i would like to give a try... PM me please
can you download and upload?

i thought you'll gonna do both, and i just have to send you the links form youtube... :D

well i don't have that speed of internet...
other wise wouldn't have any prob. to download...
I would be very very interested if you are able to create accounts and find the videos based on my keyword for me (in otherwords I don't touch a thing). Please pm me how much this would cost.
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