Watch out Skype accounts being hacked, After using coupon

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    So i saw this $10 skype coupon yeserday and decided to take advantage of it.

    Today when I tried to login into skype. my account frozen for unusual behaviour.

    So I followed instructions and changed my password and got my account working again
    The $10 credit was all used up, to a phone number in Taiwan.
    Well I thought to myself easy come easy go.

    Tonight a few hours later I checked into my paypal and there was over a $100 missing from my account
    Three payments made to skype.

    If this happens to you. immediately get onto skype and ask for a refund, dont forget to cancel your automatic paypal subscription
    Change you email password,

    Hopefully you will have got the refund before they used your credit, as I am not sure if Skype will refund you on used credits,
    I was lucky. I got all my money back
    But I seen on the skype forum people complaining Skype had refuses refunds on used credits

    I hope this helps some one out
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