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Watch out for Fernando

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by dizz, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. dizz

    dizz Elite Member

    May 19, 2009
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    This... AND MORE!! :D
    He's selling bad lists where the turnout of the emails ended up being bad vs good (so far 80% are fake emails). We spent not alot of money on this ($200) but the thing is that that money would have been better spent on valid emails. He has also not come across on the other aspects of our deal. Here is what he has said.
    "jason.knight24: and the list is 400k people that have subscribed to porn sites with a CC?
    manueurochamps: free users and registered users
    jason.knight24: do you have a percentage on how many are male or female?
    manueurochamps: I dont exactly but to my guess after my mail list the list should contain 70% of male and the rest is female..
    manueurochamps: know*
    jason.knight24: How will you send us the list and how soon would you be sending the list?
    manueurochamps: i will send you the list once the funds are added and do you have a server to blast the emails...
    manueurochamps: or i will do that for you free of charge
    jason.knight24: Yes we have a server to blast the emails. But we are also interested in you doing it also.
    jason.knight24: What would you need from us to do it that way?
    manueurochamps: Ok i will do it for you..
    manueurochamps: i need an email template to invite users to your website,,
    manueurochamps: i mean kinda invitation to the users
    jason.knight24: but we also want a copy of the emails.
    manueurochamps: Yea sure i will send you that..
    manueurochamps: i will give reports to you daily
    jason.knight24: How many emails can you blast out a day?
    manueurochamps: 100k
    manueurochamps: what is the limit of your server/
    manueurochamps: ?
    jason.knight24: considerably less
    manueurochamps: ok
    jason.knight24: So we should be able to see results of this the first day when you begin sending. We need an email address to send the template to.
    manueurochamps: yea
    jason.knight24: So what is the email to send the template to?
    manueurochamps: [email protected]
    jason.knight24: That is the same email that I sent the first response to and you had not gotten it. I sent a test email to you. If you get it, please reply to it saying that you have gotten it please.
    manueurochamps: yea i got it now
    jason.knight24: have you replied to it?
    manueurochamps: yea i have replied back to the mail.
    manueurochamps: got that?
    jason.knight24: Yes, just received it. We will be sending you the template soon. How do we post the payment as well so that we get the list of emails?
    manueurochamps: can load the money to my card?
    manueurochamps: just check this you can load the money here www.payoneer.com
    jason.knight24: We will let you know in one moment, we have to make a phone call.
    manueurochamps: ok..
    manueurochamps: Hello?
    manueurochamps: You there?
    jason.knight24: yes
    jason.knight24: We are getting everything we need in order, but we are definently going to make this deal with you. If this works well, then we will want to deal with you more because we dont like dealing with multiple people, we like dealing with one reliable person
    manueurochamps: Its my pleasure to work with you.
    manueurochamps: :)
    jason.knight24: good
    manueurochamps: let me know when you are done i will be onlinw
    manueurochamps: online*
    jason.knight24: ok
    jason.knight24: Ok, So here's the deal. We will send 100 first and then you can send us 200k emails and then we pay the other 100 for the remaining emails.
    jason.knight24: Will that work for you?
    manueurochamps: So you want me to send 100k email ids first right?
    manueurochamps: or you can blast all the 400k email ids
    jason.knight24: So it would take you 4 days to blast all 400k right?
    manueurochamps: yea"

    So yeah, been scammed. He hasn't spoke to us since receiving the money and wont return any emails or anything. He's a member on here and ya'll should tell him what yall think. Thanks!
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  2. Realign02

    Realign02 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Aug 13, 2007
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    Full time IMER
    Hey ********, there's no reason to be an ass to him. However, I do understand the point you're making.

    He's giving us a heads up on who to watch out for, I personally think you should be thanking him instead of ridiculing him.

    Not trying to bash you either, just my 2 cents.

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  3. dizz

    dizz Elite Member

    May 19, 2009
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    This... AND MORE!! :D
    Dude, this is what this forum is about... Hence the name "The Shit List." We are just telling everyone else not to trust the dude and well now he is banned so you know it wasnt just us that trusted him. We are taking this as a lesson, and $200 to us ain't shit, but it might be to someone else, so we thought we may warn them. We know what kind of business this is. And with people griping about $15 we thought we would give them a break, we thought we might tell them that they could waste more money on this guy. And at 20% of them being good, we got our moneys worth, but the way he represented it, he deserves to be on the shit list. 20% of what we got is still like 80,000 emails that are good, and i have seen people charging alot for that size of emails. For us its not a horrible deal, but extremely time consuming to weed out the bad emails. If he would have represented it for what it was, I wouldn't be bashing it, but when you lie, you deserve the shit list. I treat everyone that way, and basing on the name of the forum, I am guessing so do a lot of people. The name "the shit list" meant to me that if you are dealing dishonestly with fellow blackhatters, you end up on this list. We got a cool marketing idea, and its doing pretty well for us, but we buy email lists and we pay a fair price for it, but not all people can afford to take a hit like that and they need to be warned that he is misrepresenting himself, and every time someone does this with us, we will put them on the shit list and let yall decide. Oh, and everybody had to start somewhere, we gave the guy a chance. I am a big believer in trying to help newbies get their standing because people gave us a chance when we were newbies. And now we are newbies on this site, but not newbies to this business.