Watch my brother and I hit $1000 per day by December 2013


Oct 15, 2012
Hey everyone,

I've been lurking these forums for sometime, and my brother is already well established in the world of internet marketing. So we are doing a joint venture - I'm creating content, and he is working on SEO and 85% of the technical stuff.

Our method is driving traffic to affiliate offers using SEO, Youtube, and mailing lists. By December 2013, we plan to launch several of our own products and potentially start a new affiliate network in the new year.

Our goal is 1000 dollars per day split, so 500 each, by the end of the year (December 2013). We will be updating this thread 2-3 times per week with progress, as we are renovating our house to sell at the moment.

Done as of now:

Reserved 5 domains - setting up first site
Wrote 32 original, relevant unique articles
12 highly relevant web 2.0's linking back
8 high quality videos
Optimized the site - every aspect you can think of (including the articles)
Basically, entirely original content, and a lot of it, it is a lot of hard work.
Established what services we will be using - I would recommend everybody check out Web2Rule here on the forums.

We will be doing a white hat and black hat version of each site to see where we can gain the most traction, and to keep one site safer at all times.

By the end of week 1 - May 18th, our first website will be launched, and the ranking will begin, then moving on to the blackhat version, and the next white hat affiliate site.

Do not ask me what our niche is, or what affiliate network we are a part of - I will not tell you.

I will keep you updated regarding my ranking (and what services I am using, if any), what work we've done, and how much money we are pulling in (daily average). We expect to pull in our first paycheque in late June

A lot of blood and sweat is being put into this - time to scale!
Best of luck buddy! I started a part time lead gen campaign and hit $500 within the first month. Good first step in keeping a thread journal. It really helped me be accountable.
It's awesome to have your business partner be your brother. Wish you both the best of luck!
Best of luck buddy! I started a part time lead gen campaign and hit $500 within the first month. Good first step in keeping a thread journal. It really helped me be accountable.

Sounds good....I wish you the best of Luck

Subscribing, good luck to You both

It's awesome to have your business partner be your brother. Wish you both the best of luck!

Best of luck your journey guys! You should be a great team both together!

Thanks guys, should be an exciting ride!
i like the ambition, this your i want to aim for that amount through various projects
Good luck with you and your brother with your journey.

Great to have another Canadian member here on BHW :)

What has been done today:

Scheduled all posts on website for 4 months, twice per week.

Uploaded, optimized, and wrote unique descriptions for 8 Youtube videos (Buying 1000 full retention views per day from Bigbuddy for one week, and using buying Viral Social social shares for them every day)

We are building 10 high quality, relevant web 2.0s tonight for the main video, and doing the same tomorrow for the home page of our website. Also dripfeeding high PR links into our main video.

My brother is buying proxies, setting up YTBeast on a VPS, and loading accounts into it so we can like/subscribe/comment etc.

We are keeping it fairly cheap, and are putting our SEO efforts into ranking videos, because it is much more affordable than the website (fairly high competition niche). I am going to let the website age for a month and keep sending web 2 rule traffic and social signals at it until we have some money to re-invest into its SEO efforts.

We will be creating a ton of more videos for a whole bunch of long tail keywords over the month.

So to wrap up:

Videos are ranking
Site is getting on autopilot for 4 months, getting increasing amount of social signals over time, with some manually built web 2.0s starting tomorrow

Web2.0 second tier is backed up by GSA on a VPS

Over the coming week: Revamp a second aged site that I am joining my brother on, write 32 original articles for our next niche website, continue to create videos for the current niche

I'll be gone over the weekend for a bachelor party - so won't be getting much done Sat-Sun

Found some coding issues in our website, fixed those - just little things like headers (H1) etc - NOW its ready to go on autopilot.

My brother and I are prepping the Web 2.0s as we speak. And will have those up soon. 10 pointing to the site, 10 to the video.

Pointed 10 links from LinkAloha V3 here on the forums to our website (freebie when you get on his list) - but my antivirus says the pages are infected with malware, so I don't know how I feel about the service.

YTBeast isn't working at the moment - we've submitted a ticket, so we have to use our YT accounts/proxies to manually add likes and subscribers to the videos to coincide with the views to make it look as natural as possible.

Post an update once the Web 2.0s are done - chye!
With state of what Youtube is now, you could expect that type of income if you got yourself motivated and ranking right
Good luck on your journey. And I thought some of the $200 per day goals were ambitious! Will check back for updates.
Just got back from a bachelor party weekend - but still managed to get a few things done.

I finished 12 high quality, unique, web 2.0 properties. Including relevant author information, pictures, etc for our main Youtube video, some properties had the video embedded, and some linked to it through anchor text to diversify.

The web 2.0s are now having a second and third tier being sent to them through GSA.

We are buying 1000 high retention views from Skittles per day, but Youtube just had some updates, so things are slower than usual until they get that sorted out.

U2beast is being buggy, there are quite a few issues with it. We are adding subscribers and likes to our video but not all of them seem to stick.

I have been sending social signals and traffic to our money site through Web2Rule - although it generates traffic credits pretty poorly and I'm not sure why.

We will not be investing much more money until we start to rank our videos, this period is just about testing and optimizing to see what works, and once we find it, we are going to scale and repeat.

Do you guys think it is wise to start churning out the next website and videos etc, it costs me nothing but time, or to put all of our efforts into trying to rank our first money site and additional videos through web 2.0s, GSA, social signals etc?

This week:

10 more web 2.0s to the video + GSA campaign - (or would it be more beneficial to write more content for the existing web 2.0s?)
Make more unique videos to start testing our blackhat method

Ideally, write 64 unique 500+ word articles for our next 2 money sites, will have to fit it in around work.
did you mention how to monetize your videos.. affiliate or adsense ?

good luck suscribed.
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