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    ***************** warning message from CPAFlash*******************
    To whom it may concern,
    Recently we were contacted by affiliates reporting that some scammers from India were spreading a new way of cheating affiliates and networks. Basically they claimed that they are affiliate managers of CPAFlash and can approve CPAFlash accounts for anyone if they get paid. It is ridiculous since they have never worked with CPAFlash before, and we have no idea who they are. They also tried to cheat affiliate networks by claiming that they can transfer good affiliates from CPAFlash. This is also apparently nonsense. Another way to cheat affiliate networks is that someone claiming to be the director of a large governmental CPA organization applies an affiliate manager in your network, and if approved with high level of authority, this unknown person could actually see all the affiliate information. We were always alert about this type of scam. One Indian guy tried this trick on CPAFlash, we authorized a 5-day trial affiliate manager position with the lowest level of authority, and asked him to manage the Indian affiliates. With this authority he could only see the information of those Indian affiliates that he approved. It seems that we were right for being so conservative now.

    The CPAFlash support team wants to share this experience and cautions all affiliates and networks to be careful about this type of scam, which could be widespread since it can be applied to any networks.

    CPAFlash has been running very rigorous policies for approving new affiliate accounts, which we think can benefit all existing affiliates and networks who are working with us, as well as all merchants who wish to publish their products through our network. In this way, we can maintain a higher quality service to the affiliate market and better serve all of our clients and partners. If you wish to be a partner of CPAFlash, please go to our official website to submit your application. Our account manager will then review your application and make a decision. During the reviewing process we probably will ask for recommendation from the networks you previously worked with but surely CPAFlash does not want to miss any good affiliates or networks.

    Hope this message could be some use.

    Yours sincerely,

    CPAFlash Support Team
    ***************** warning message from CPAFlash *******************