Warning for Follow Liker or other Tumblr bot users

Discussion in 'Tumblr' started by TheSEOWizard, Jan 4, 2016.

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    At first, I would like to clarify that all those bots are awesome for building followers in a completely automated manner and there is no problem with them. This post is mainly with the proxy usage instead. I had setup around 45 tumblr blogs in my followliker keeping a very safe ratio of reblogs, likes, posts etc. and not using any of them for any promotion. I was building them all up so that I can use them for promotion once I reach 2000 or more followers. However, I saw today that three of the accounts which had reached nearly 400 followers were showing up 0 follows in the FL screen instead of the 400 or so followers. Similarly, there were 3 more accounts which got banned and were showing 0 followers though all the three had nearly 200 followers each.

    On further checking, I realized that all three accounts in both the cases were using the same proxy. They were not being used for promotions as mentioned earlier. I was only reblogging popular accounts, following them and liking posts with the accounts. Being an expired tumblr follower where I use separate IPs for each account during account creation, I had somewhat expected a ban for using common IPs across 3 accounts. I would never do that while selling/creating an expired tumblr account. But in case of followlker, it worked safe till date. However, using the same IP across multiple accounts is not safe anymore it seems irrespective of whether you are posting promotional stuff, outbound links or not.

    So, my recommendation is to an unique IP for each tumblr account in followliker to be fairly safe. That way, you would also be safe with the other accounts even if 1 of them gets banned. I have lost more than 2000 followers in total (6 accounts) due to this mistake. It is not a big problem as I still have around 35-40 more accounts with decent followers and I would be adding more soon. I might next try with 2 accounts on 1 IP but I doubt that it might also be risky in the long run. Tumblr is going the twitter way it seems (except for phone verification) and becoming very strict on bot accounts. So, you need to play the twitter way in case of tumblr too now.
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    What settings are you using for Follow Liker for Tumblr to maintain the safe side thing. Are you adding content manually or just reblogging automatically via followliker.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Lost 2 accounts with 3-4k followers as well, I'll ask for different proxies before creating new ones.