[WARNING] Don't Pay HMA upfront for 6 months !

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    Quick warning which annoyed me a lot.

    I've been using HMA for around a year now. I've renewed so far in a monthly basis.

    Finally, i came to a point that i will need a VPN service for a long time.

    ** Disclaimer ** : I used HMA not for shady activities but just to check rankings in countries my customers are targetting.

    I decided to reduce the costs by renewing 6 months upfront and that was the start of all my troubles.

    2 days after a payment i've been asked for a CC verification. I said, okay why not, even though it has been verified at payment with a mobile call. SO i verified it another time.

    I shifted the limitation and been using the account. 1 week later they suspended my account again and asked for my ID card copy.

    That's over the limit. Not that i'm affraid that my activities are disclosed, but VPN is built around anonymity and i don't want them to store my ID cards when you see that corporations like Sony can be hacked anytime.

    Moreover, my country is definitly trying to regulate internet so off the grid is a requirement. If they happen to know that i'm using Xrumer for instance, i'll face jailtime because there is a X in the name which must be connected somehow to underaged movies. (jk)

    So far, they have refunded 2 months (i'm not sure why), still waiting for the 6 months refund. I won't claim my dued money, i'll just skip it and figure that this post should make them loose more which is fine by me !
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    I don't have these issues with them - works great for me - I'll be renewing for another 12 months.