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    Theprettyartist: WARNING Being inundated with spam twitter followers with male first name and they have a bit y something web link. Have emailed twitter ...

    This was pulled from my search results...

    rasga: OK just reported 30 odd spammers ( d spam NAME or @spam if you don't follow). Wish twitter would weed out repeat tweets=spam

    Accessories_Uk: @jakrose The amount of spam accounts on Twitter is unbelievable
    Liverpool, UK

    jayfresh: Hmm... Twitter spammers now getting harder to figure out by hiding all the links back to the same website behind bit.ly and tinyurl... #spam

    SpamFinder: @Twitter here's how to get rid of most of the spam on twitter. If ( messages==<20 and following==>1900 ) {spam!}

    I could go on...

    Please use brains. Or get out the BH biz.

    1 Use real names
    2 Use real pics
    3 Post real things
    4 Dont follow 10,,00000 and have 1 follower

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    Hahaha, I thought that was pretty self explanitory. I hope this clears things up for those who don't have common sense. lol