War Against The Machine!!

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    Feb 5, 2008
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    I am a newbie here at B.H.W. and with all due respect to all the Goliaths of the internet i have something to say. I feel there is strength in numbers and unified we can do anything. Whether you are a new guy like me, a seasoned veteran or a legendary marketer on the internet I feel we can all bring something to the table. I want to go to war with myspace the giant of the internet. Why are we busting our backs looking for ways around it when we have the power to stop it? I think its bogus that when myspace was first introduced we could have multiple accounts and we could market without having to enter "captcha codes". I think they have become selfish and forgot about the little people that helped them get there.

    Internet success e books are like porno. Everyone knows about them but no one talks about it. We have become the elephant in the room. If we can market e books banning myspace we can take down the machine and let them know that the people decide. It's a social networking site which means we the people built it so we can destroy it.

    Only unified we can destroy it, it may not happen in a week but we can cripple them in time. So they know that if they wanna make money we must get a cut.
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    Feb 7, 2008
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    ermmm......maybe you're right some way but I think it's not an easy job to do I think it's better to spend efforts to get benefits from them against their wish an always prove to them that what ever they do we'll find a solution and squeeze them more and more ...
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    that's an interesting war you want to wage. you'll need quite an army for that. you will be battling not only the development team but the users who also support the system. like yooozy said, your time may be better spent trying to profit of the system than taking it down. i felt the same way when my account with 17k friends was shut down.:D

    i've moved on since then....