Wanting to buy domain : Owner Invalid WHOIS

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by newman123, May 9, 2012.

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    I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation. I had found a really good domain name, it is already owned by someone and is parked. I found the full WHOIS data on GoDaddy but when I went to email an offer the email bounced back. Now I do know there is a reporting invalid WHOIS on GoDaddy but I also saw there is a checkbox saying you understand that it will show the email who reported it (not too much of an issue with a fake email) but I've heard stories of deletion and don't want the domain to go into auction or anything as with GoDaddy's auctions the price will most likely be insanely high.

    Now, with the invalid email and other whois information I did manage to find more information about the owner and also found their twitter account. I could direct message them through that using a throw away twitter or something but am not sure if it will look like I put in a lot of effort to somehow find their twitter or if it's weird or what? (Though it was easy to find in google with the other information) Also I can probably find an alternate email but there's no way to tell that it's for sure active where as I know the twitter is 100% the owner and is active.

    The third thing I had been thinking of was using GoDaddy's domainbuy service, just so when they try and contact him they will find out his email etc. is not valid and hopefully contact him another way but that's more or less a last resort.

    So, what should I do? Does anyone have experience with something like this happening? Should I just contact them through Twitter? Should I report the invalid email? With an email connected to me so they know that when I send it to their updated email I was the same person looking to buy or an anonymous email? I don't want him to think there's multiple people after the domain or anything as well so I'm not too sure.

    The whole domain buying thing definitely isn't my specialty so thanks for any advice.
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    Reporting fake whois wouldn't specifically benefit you so it should be out of question. I guess the best bet would be to contact the owner via twitter and hope that he reads the direct message as most of the times people just delete all those because of heavy spam content in DMs.