WANTED: Supplier/Maker for FB accounts with GEO targeted friends.. need 1000s.

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    I’m in a search of a supplier/maker that can provide us with FB accounts with these type of specs:
    - 35+ GEO targeted REAL friends (this can be from any city for non-US countries, but SPECIFIC cities for US accounts);
    - customized with provided specs (such as gender/school(s)/DOB/rel-status, etc)
    - you provide the profile pics;
    - can be either PVA or non-PVA;
    - preferably using US-based emails (such as yahoo, gmail, outlook, etc - rather than .ru email services, etc);
    - few other requirements, such as username must be set, DOB/Gender/Locations must be set to public, etc, etc (but they are small requirements);

    In essence, we would provide you with a list of specs as this:

    Gender: M
    DOB: 3/15/59
    Friends from City/State/Country: Tallahassee Florida, US
    High School: Bay High School, Tallahassee, Florida, US
    College: Florida A&M University, Florida, US
    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
    Relationship status: Married

    The main thing here are the GEO targeted friends. I think anyone with good knowledge of an account creator, such as “FriendBomber” would be a good fit for this.

    We need 1000s of these, but need a provider that can handle the volume. 100 / week would be ok, but not much less than that.

    If you are able to do this, PM me and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!