Wanted reputed EBay seller to sell my item

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    Jan 18, 2017
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    I had backed a crowd funded project in Indiegogo 2 years back. It is an electric skateboard and an amazing one at that. I paid $1299 at the time. Retail price in the official website now is $1499. It took 2 years for the company to develop the board. Details can be seen in the company website zboard shop. It is a zboard 2 Pearl board sold by Intuitive Motion Inc, California.
    My circumstances are that I no longer have any use of this board. But since it is a crowd funded project the company refused to refund me. They have started shipping now and my board is expected in 6 weeks time.
    I am not from the USA and so having a problem to set up my own page in eBay for such a high value product. Plus it is only a single item. After this I don't have any plans to sell anything.
    I am looking for a trusted EBay seller with high rating to sell this board for me. We can work out the details mutually. It will ship in brand new condition in company sealed box.
    If anyone is interested please mail me.