Wanted Investor $1500 USD for New Website

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    For several months now have been working on a new website concept which has been very well received by all who have reviewed the design - functionality layout ? combined with a very high potential to make serious money. All site feedback to date indicates that there will be a flood of viral clients that will want to use the services that the new website will offer on a global basis.

    So thanks to the comprehensive background profiling we have undertaken, all indications are that the site will generate substantial amounts of ongoing and continuous revenue streams. However the site is on hold at this time as we need $1500 USD to pay for some special scripts and coding services!

    By way of partnership we are looking for a single upfront investment of $1500 USD as compensation we will offer a solid percentage of the website equity and the same agreed percentage paid out of the first years net revenue earnings!

    Interested! Please send PM with your Email for more Information pack!

    Thanks :)