[WANTED] Bot builder to create bot for music hosting site

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    Nov 15, 2013
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    Hello Black Hat, I'm looking for a bot builder to create a bot for a specific Australian music hosting site called triple j unearthed (I can't post links yet) this site is basically to rank Australian music in the hopes of getting radio play, winning competitions etc. The goal of this bot would be to rise the users position in the charts, a little info on how the rankings are calculated: How are the charts calculated? The charts are ranked on an extremely complicated mathematical equation - aggregating, averaging and multiplying prime numbers drawn through user actions through the site. Get it? Basically, the charts are based on how many ratings (not published on the site) and reviews you have received, what your average rating is, and who is rating you. The charts are run weekly (every Monday morning) and the data is calculated over a certain period (currently 2 weeks). So basically the bot would need to be able to play a certain track X ammount of times, create ranking points and be able to leave reviews. I'm quite new to this whole bot thing, but it seems for the rating/reviews many accounts would need to be created and somehow used on the account wanting to be raised in the charts. Would much appreciate some help on this or even for someone to look into it and tell me of ots possible or not. Cheers guys. BennyCrooks