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    I got this idea about being a local sales person to sell Internet Marketing services. So a sales person would find costumers and sell them SEO services, websites and other Internet Marketing Stuff. The only problem it's kind of hard to do a full time sales job and provide the services that are sold to costumers. So what if a sales person just does the sale and send info to a affordable SEO company they do all the work.

    1. Person does the sale (full time)
    2. Info goes to a job manager
    3. Job manager makes a right decision on who to hire & hires and manages IM provider
    4. SEO / IM provider does the job and manager makes sure job is done right
    5. Sales person delivers the works to a costumer

    Of course this all can be done by one person but I think it will be more efficient to divide it between 3 people. The only concern I see for a sales person is that a Manager can steal costumers if he wants to. Is there any way to make sure costumers don't change sides?

    Sales Person- Can be a noob and get paid high commission and grow your IM business. don't need much knowledge in SEO, just need to talk good
    Manager - Super easy job just need to know right IM providers
    SEO provider - Well IM gets a lot of work without any effort, just need to deliver on your promise

    Sales Person- Manager can screw you over by contacting existing costumers and cutting your commission and saving them a lot of money. This is the biggest concern I see for a sales person. Need to figure out a way to avoid this. (maybe split jobs between managers)
    Manager - Sales person can go directly to IM providers, but just manager doesn't need to reveal the IM contractors he/she is using. I don't see many downsides on this. To secure this Mnager position just need to get more sales people. (please point out if there any downsides)
    SEO provider - Well if SEO/IM contractor does a good job there is simply no reason to worry.

    Some services can be CL posting for companies, Website design, booklets, SEO work, Data Research, e-mail marketing, Post Card mailings etc.....

    Based on observation of posts on "HELP need to make money" posts. This idea might help both sides noobs and Pros.

    This is post is also inspired from the comment by 2011nfl