Want to use dial up to post on CL...but can't get a lanline at the house I'm staying at


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Jan 6, 2009
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I am looking to get dial up, but unfortunately I am not in a position where I can get a long distance phone line, due to my living arrangement. I need to get the dial up to change the ip's and post on craigslist. Tired of unsuccessfully buying proxies.

What I am wondering is, what alternatives do I have? Can I get skype and hook it to one computer, and run the phone line it creates to another computer? I have multiple computers and the money to set everything up. I know the magic jack does not transmit data or faxes, not sure if skype, vonage, or a voip would work.

Hope someone can help me out! Sorry if it is confusing I'll be around to answer questions.
I have been trying to figure out a way to do something like this. I know you need hi-speed net for vonage etc. So say you have DSL, get vonage, and then dial up...but how the fuck would you set it up to use the Vonage over DSL, and Dial up over Vonage?
I think you take the cable that usually goes to the phone and plug into your other computer. I wish I knew buddy I want to get this set up.
Looks promising but for the life of me I cannot get that link to start. The 2nd link on the page or the 2nd freedownload center link?
Seems I am too dumb to connect with a dialer. A link to one would be great, can't seem to find what he is talking about.
I am in the same predicament... wanting dial up using a dsl. I actually talked with magic jack for about an hour trying to explain what I wanted. When the operator finally understand my insane request, he explained to me that it wouldn't work. This would be the same for vonage.

would love to know more about this dialer concept, but am afraid I will be the third dumb person here regarding it.
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