Want to Trade : Send a Message to Your Group and I will invite my 5K freinds to your page

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Veraa, Dec 24, 2010.

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    Hello there,

    It's me again, I had a new idea to gather votes for my competition. many of you may have facebook groups. I would like to hear from those who have groups and can message everyone in the groups. i think your group needs to be under 5000 for you to be able to mass message the members. If you have a group with many friends and can mass message the group, i need your help.

    What I ask is that you message your group with a simple and nice "Happy Hollidays" message where you ask them to vote for your "friend" me and help me win a dream vacation voting for for me- I will prepare and send you the text to message. I need votes only from real users please, your groups need to have "real" users no fake accounts please.

    In xchange, i will invite my 5k friends to your group/page/event ....I have 5k real facebook friends gathered over the years. So, you help me and I help you...if you are interested please Pm the address of your group(s)...I will join the groups than I send you the text for the message...once I get the message from you( since I'll be in the groups I will get the messages) I invite than my freinds to that group or other of your choice...if you have many groups, i will send many invites to your groups....Please PM if this interests you,.

    Happy hollidays
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    New here, will help, send me a private message
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