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    Guys I am a stupid, why? Let me explain this first. I am running a blog on blogspot.com platform. My blog getting daily 10k+ visitors. My blog age is about 5 month. In that time I build almost every kind of backlinks without trackback links. The only one cause was I was not interested with this and even I didn't know how to get a trackback link. But today I was loking my competitor backlink and I found a lot of trackback link. Because I don't know how to create a trackback link I took help from google and I found there is no option to trackback on blogger platform. Blogger is just a worse platform but a good one for newbies. After 15 minutes I found a way to trackback from blogger. Now I am going to share this.

    You have to use greasemonkey addon to send trackback from your post. You can download greasemonkey from below link:


    Now you should download and install a script to enable sending trackback:


    This script will let you send trackback from your blogger blog post. To do this log in to your blogger account. Edit the post you want to send trackback. You will see a new trackback option. This will only work for published blogpost, not work on draft blog post.

    My english is not good so........................

    Happy Blogging.
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    This is a good help. Thanks for this!