Want to start online Lottery - legal or not???

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    Hello. I want to start online lottery. 7/21... I will give back 90-95% all money to users... I can easily develop this script... So people put deposit with their paypal account and they can see today "jackpot". Everyday in 8PM script will generate numbers buy this little code

    <?php$counter = 0;$numbers = "";while($counter < 7) {$rand = rand(1,21);$rand = " ".$rand." ";$find = strpos($numbers, $rand);if($find === false) {$numbers .= $rand;$counter = $counter + 1;}}echo $numbers;?>

    And if no winners all money will count in next day...

    I just whant to know where to host this? Which domain should I buy? Should I have any problem with PayPal??? Should I have any problem with law?
    I don't want to scam anyone... I just want to make money.
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    If you run an actual lottery with an actual winner, it's completely legal in jurisdiction that allow gambling.

    In europe, aim for Gibraltar or Malta. Malta have a good reputation and alot of big betting sites host there.
    You need Server location in Malta, and if you want a company along,
    set one up in Malta for an effective tax rate at 5%. They have a static taxrate at 35% but for foreigners and depending on business, you are eligible for a max 30% refund. It's pretty rare system but thats how it works.
    You might need an experience accountant for this tax rate, unless you are familiar with their rules.
    Otherwise you have (countries accepting betting/gambling):

    ANtigua and Barbuda
    Isle of Man
    Netherland Antilles/Curacao (remember, this is NOT netherlands)
    Costa Rica

    Pretty sure theres more but those I thought of at the top of my head.

    Also please keep in mind that you may need special license. Should consult with a local lawyer at the jurisdiction of your choice.

    Hostings in some of those countries:
    EDIS - host in Isle of Man
    Curacao Webosting - Can host in Netherland antilles/curacao
    Continent8 - can host in Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Malta

    You can still host without a license but this could set yourself in big trouble

    Good luck
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    Haven't seen these threads in years :).

    The fact that you are better off doing ever cryptocurrency gambling or making a gpt site which allows you to stimulate points in exchange for offers and actually have the reward set to donation or exclusive limited time offer magazines makes the digital currency the best option and thinking outside the box for gpt could be better and fully legal.