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Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by Blindside87, Aug 6, 2013.

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    I have a local iphone repair website that brings in about 2 -5 leads per day some times more.

    I don't really want to continue in this business as I don't particularly enjoy it.

    My site ranks in the top 2 positions in Google for all related keywords.

    Should I just email my competitors to see if they are interested in it?

    It would completely cut their adwords costs as all my traffic is natural.

    Not sure what to price this at either.

    I would say I make a few hundred a week in a good week out of it and then other weeks not as much.

    All advice appreciated.
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    May 9, 2013
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    You can get a lot of customers from facebook advertising if you didnt know
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    if u want to sell list your website with the info on flippa which will surely get your site sold!
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    That's one way of doing it. Your competitors are most likely to see value in the leads that you're getting and may know how to monetise the leads better than you, increasing the value of the business.

    Another option is listing the site/business a public marketplace such as Flippa, but then you would be dealing with buyers who don't necessarily understand the business and are therefore only willing to pay based on net profit, rather than potential.

    If you're considering selling your business through a public marketplace, you're likely to get between 1 and 2 years of net profit, depending on the overall stability of the business and on risks involved.

    Bear in mind, though, that if it takes you considerable time to run and maintain the site then this will severely lower the valuation. Most buyers are interested in buying revenue-generating properties, rather than full time jobs, and therefore use what's called adjusted net profit when determining the value of a site. Adjusted net profit, in a nutshell, is the net profit minus however much it would cost to outsource all of the maintenance of the site.
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    Cheers for the reply all!

    Yeah I would list it on flippa but as it is a local leads site I don't know if anyone would be interested in it...unless they feel like they buy it off of my and sell it to a competitor for profit in the future?

    No it doesn't need much maintenance at all apart from answering customer queries.

    There is definitely value in the site especially for someone already in the business.

    I would probably be looking at say €1,500 for the site...but I would take €1k worst case scenario.
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