Want to make Aff sites, but dont know squat about web design. need advice.

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Fluid, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Hello peeps!

    i currently own a few websites that generate a few clicks here and there. but i dont make money of these (they are made so i can sell them in the future)
    im currently studying the Affiliate side of making money, but my problem is that i cant design a website if my life depended on it (i could in the 90`s. but i washed that knowledge out with a decade of party-hardy drinking)

    my question is, are there and affiliates out there that you could recommend that offer a fully functional website that can be setup in just a few hours?
    are these kinda affiliate programs just a waste of time? (i can just imagine how many wannabe`s is out there with the same template)

    i dont mind sinking some money into it, but since im testing out the water first, i dont wanna put up a bunch of cash for my first site. (i dont mind paying for some logo`s, some articles etc tho)

    im looking into all kind of aff programs, hotels, niches, XXX... really doesnt matter, i wanna try this out, and if i like it, ill study it even harder.

    thanks in advance for your advice BHW`ers :)
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    why don't you try setting up a blog on wordpress and get some wordpress templates? I know you said your not good in web development but do you have photoshop...maybe you could design a layout and have someone slice it up. Also do a search for website scripts or templates to get some ideas. Hope that helps.
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    Go for some premium (yet cheap) wordpress templates (e.g. elegantthemes). In most cases you can easily tweak
    the template using wordpress UI and they look very nice. No need to be a geek these days :).