Want to Learn How to Make The Best Ads? Literally Just do The Opposite of Whatever This Guy is Doing

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    So I was doing some light reading earlier today and I came across this AdSense ad:

    Good god.

    1. What is CASA? Why is it relevant? Why should I care?

    2. Is CASA registered, trademarked, or are there just random splotches of red directly to the bottom-right of the logo? Is it maybe a Batman symbol?

    3. Why are the 2 logos on the top so close to either edge that I can barely read them? There's plenty of whitespace in between both logos!

    4. Why is the top-right logo so disproportionately wide that I have to squint to see it?

    5. Why are there 2 spaces after "Substance" in the top-right logo?

    6. Why do I have to take out half of the words in the top-right logo just to figure out that CASA stands for "Center", "Addiction", "Substance", and "Abuse"? How am I ever supposed to make that connection?

    7. Why is the photo even more disproportionately wide than the logos? Why couldn't they just crop the photo, or choose another one? There are billions of photos on the internet.

    8. Why was the base, unstretched photo such extremely low-quality (see trees, landscape in top-right)?

    9. Why is the background so dull and hard to recognize in general? Are they supposed to be celebrating a special moment because they're on a mountain, or are they just taking a selfie on a small, 5-foot hill?

    10. How does the photo relate in any way to addictions, CASA, or substance abuse? Are they both addicts?

    11. Why would they confuse and turn away a large majority of non-native English speakers with a word like "snaps" in the bottom lead-in instead of just saying something like "pictures" or "photos"? How can you assume that everybody that hasn't spoken English all their life is supposed to pick up on what a "snap" is?

    12. Who is left in tears? The guy because he didn't like the snaps? The addicts or substance abusers? The girl? CASA?

    13. Why is there such a stupidly large amount of white-space between the first line of the lead-in "she trusted him with private snaps" and the second line of the lead-in "& now left in tears!"?

    14. Why is the word "in" within the lead-in capitalized? It makes the lead-in look less reputable. This is especially easy to spot because the top-right logo is capitalized correctly.

    15. Why are the lead-in and call-to-action (read more > > >) suddenly not artificially widened? Why couldn't they just not stretch everything else on the ad?

    16. Why wasn't the call-to-action designed to be visually appealing in any way that makes we want to click it? Why not paint it blue and put a border around it? Nobody will click that, why should they?

    17. How is the lead-in related in any way to CASA, addictions, or substance abuse?

    18. What am I supposed to expect when I click this ad? When I click "read more" what am I going to be directed to? Am I clicking it because I want to get help for addictions, because I'm expecting to see a hot girl, or because I want to know who was left in tears and why they were crying?

    19. WHY are they targeting ultra right-wing news sites with this ad? If it's an ad for addictions counseling and support, there's way better targeting than ultra right-wing news. If it's an ad about a hot girl it's incredibly, incredibly easy to find better sites to target.

    End rant.
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    You think too much.
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    Sometimes, uglier ads to catch my attention. This isn't the only ad that is designed like this though, I've seen some diet ones like this pop up every now and then that caught my attention compared to the nicely designed once that my brain knows is an ad and ignores.

    This is also relevant for sigs here on bhw. The ones that are beautiful and professional made are usually ignored. But when I see one that is really ugly, but stands out, I see it more.