Want To Learn From Traffic Master Or Guru

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    Jun 29, 2010
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    Hello everyone,

    I hope the tittle explain anything about what I'm looking for. Btw, I have more than 10 CPA Network to playing with. Almost all of them have many great offers.

    Yes! I have ready BANK with some offers. My common problem is my income is still low.

    Now I'm looking for a professional (we all know that we have that here) to teach me his/her traffic secret. How do you generate thousands of targeted traffic to your landing page every single day.

    My 1st learning target is "CRAIGSLIST MAILING METHOD" and if you have a great success in this topic, then I will love to learn from you. I have money on my paypal account and I can use it to buy your traffic method.

    PM me if some one interest. Thanks . . .