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Want to know how real Blackhats get long term rankings with no penalties?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gorang, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Dec 6, 2008
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    Through sheer effort and proper planning, there are no shortcuts anymore, but in this post I'll go into more detail on how we do it and how Blackhat is stronger than ever when executed correctly.

    I remember back when Blackhat was all about brute forcing to the top spot, mass links, mass power, huge velocity. I remember sitting down with my crude but effective master plan and the key to my strategy was "automation", I was using Angela's profile backlinks and Evo Pro by Peter Drew to great success. I haven't used those in many many years now so I don't know if they still work but at the time I was killing it.In my spare time I often browse around and read various forums and blogs and what I keep seeing is many marketers that still haven't pulled themselves out of the old way of doing things or they are new marketers that have not been following the correct advice.

    Before you Blackhat, be sure it is worth the investment

    The most glaring problem I come across on a daily basis with the work other marketers are doing is a lack of forethought and knowledge in their product. From the moment you start planning and building your moneysite you should know what kind of return on investment you will get. I see people wanting results from trashy $25 mass spammy links to an adsense website. Those days are gone guys, if you want to make money you need to put more effort into your product and your planning.

    Firstly, put effort into researching if you're going to get enough return on investment to balance the money you'll be spending on ranking the site. I'm not specifically talking about one page one hit wonders here but the rule still applies. You need to know that the investment will get a return. There is no half-assing in this game any more, you either go full throttle and put the effort in or you'll fail and just end up with a shallow pocket.Unless you're planning a one hit wonder your Blackhat strategy should be looking to achieve long term solid results. You need to pretend to be Whitehat and power your campaign with some sweet Blackhat links that leave your competitors scratching their heads.

    Your tier one is the most important part of your SEO

    Sourcing tons of links is important, but it is not as important as your tier one. If your tier one is a $2 500 word article with one image then you're wasting the power of all those links and putting your hard work at risk. When Google looks at your backlink profile they will be checking the quality of the pages. You should want and you actually need your tier one to look professional and to pass a quality test. I can't stress how important this is to the success of your campaign. Before you begin sourcing Blackhat links you should have a set of tier one pages which are on par with the quality of your main website.

    In my most successful campaigns I treated my tier one in the most Whitehat way possible, this meant that my tier 2 could be Blackhat but whenever a Google employee checks my main site all they see are a set of top notch backlinks and no sign of Blackhat activity. All my Blackhat links, everything, will get passed through a quality tier one. That way the power of the links can filter down through the tiers and reach my website without ever directly touching it. This will keep your moneysite clean and free from any penalties.

    In my most successful campaigns I would spend twice the amount on building a tier one as I would sourcing blackhat links. For my tier one I would open accounts on various article writing websites and work up the account rating with great content to the point where my links would have the rel=nofollow removed. I would also buy old but clean domains as well as register new domains and install fresh blogs and create 1500-2500 word articles with videos, outbound links, great content and videos. The tier one in its own right is a great useful piece of content for real visitors. I would spend $80-$200 on every tier one page. In their own right they would increase the ranking of the moneysite. Get yourself a good writer or if you're short on cash put the effort in yourself. Write something that you would read and not simply something that had X wordcount, you will see the benefit in rankings as well as traffic further down the line.

    This is how you create a tier two and tier three
    I've always felt that marketers don't give proper respect to the tiers above tier one, sure the quality begins to drop, but you should be putting proper effort and planning into these upper tiers as these are the links that are filtering down and powering the rankings. You need to treat all tiers with the same respect as each other, afterall, it is all filtering to your moneysite. If you want some long term rankings, with no penalties that are powered by Blackhat links then this is how I tier my links and achieve it.

    The second tier

    The second tier should consist of a handful of quality paid links that will consistently flow linkjuice over time. Spend time Googling relevant bloggers, sourcing SAPE, buying up old blogs and looking for other paid link opportunities and point 1-6 links to each of your quality tier one pages. Do not underestimate the power of this. This tier structure alone will provide a massive boost, you'll see your website steadily climb ranking month on month, but we want to take this one step further.

    The third tier

    The third tier consists of spam links, but we will not be pointing them to any of the pages/links I talked about in tier two. For your tier three will be creating extra pages in our tier two to safely support them. In order to create an effective tier three we need to create channeling pages which only exist to create a filter between potentially penalty pushing links and your tier one. It is still worth spending some money on getting a proper writer to write a decent article for the tier two channeling pages. I like to use my own bought blogs/websites for this tier as places like hubpages can ban your account if they find too much spam pointing to the article. So in short, we are creating a bunch of pages in our tier two which only exist for us to push spam through and in which we can use to channel a bunch of spam links safely. Your automated spam links will be pointed to a quality article which exists alongside your other powerful tier two links which then points to your tier one and all of this lovely link juice filters through to your moneysite. A nice simple strategy that works extremely well provided you have a product that makes a decent return on investment and that you are willing to put the effort in to achieve, no shortcuts.

    Sound like too much effort for a Blackhat strategy?

    You're in the wrong game and have the wrong attitude. There are two ways to do Blackhat, short term one hit wonders which rank fast and are penalised quickly, and long term successful sites that owe their success to a proper mix of Whitehat brand building and a hidden network of extremely effective links. Both cost money, time and effort. There are no effortless shortcuts anymore, but there are shortcuts to beat the system and rank above competitors and that is what I'm teaching you, you just need to put some effort in.

    If you found this post useful let me know! I recently posted to this to my SEO blog called AgentBlackhat but I wanted to give something back to BHW and thought you guys would find it useful.
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    Its how it's done!, Good share!