want to Jv with someone who can sell my site to local doctor (50/50) split

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    Jul 29, 2009
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    I have a site in a medical niche ( wont say what kind of doctor here) ranking #1 for the keyword "xxxxxxxx pittsburgh" (i wrote xxxx because i cant disclose the niche here)
    and i have a beautiful premium wordpress theme on the site as well which makes it look really cool and it gets enough traffic too so selling it should be an easy job for someone who knows what hes doing. any amount you can fetch either as a one time sale or monthly subscription will be shared 50/50
    if anyone's interested let me know and we will discuss this further and maybe do more sites later.
    P.S: I need cash quick so I wouldnt mind if i have to sell the site even for a lower price than average. which means quick money for you as well.

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