Want to Hire a BlackHat Expert/Consultant

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    I sell steroids online. I've just been using a simple blog as my site, and traffic has been directed to my blog through craigslist and facebook, almost exclusively. Business has been good, and now I want to ramp it up a little. I want an actual site built, hosted offshore, and I'd like to have a blackhat expert guiding the way. I'd like to incorporate as many blackhat techniques as possible.

    Here's the thing- I'm not some lazy 23 year old dude whos reason for selling online is to avoid work. I'm 36, owned multiple businesses in Dallas for 13 years, and cashed out a couple years ago after the 2008 crash. That being said, I'm also not just going to throw money at you like you're a stripper with a line of coke on her ass. (I call those panty-lines)

    So, message me if you'd like to be an advisor, have a blackhat marketing formula, product, or if you're a barely legal stripper with a daddy complex.
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