Want To Get Google Manager Accounts (For Google Ads)


Jan 7, 2023
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Hi all!

Just wondering if there is any service for me to buy google manager accounts to run google ads (for igaming & sensitive niche)?
A lot of services at marketplace. You should write your request in WTB section
Anyone, even you, can easily create a Google Ads Manager Account.
Go to Google dot com, type in "google ads manager account" and click on "Search" and then click on the link titled "Manage Clients and Campaigns with Manager Accounts" (see screenshot) and create a Google Ads Manager Account.
But, please avoid clicking on any link with the word "Sponsored", as these will be ads (Google Ads), and yes, scammers do use Google Ads, targeting the keyword "google ads", in order to rip off people and the reason why I am alerting you, is that there are cases where victims even got their underwears ripped apart.
Hey, cowboy.
You can make such an account yourself it's called MCC accounts.
They are more convenient to manage many advertising accounts, but it will not affect the launch.
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