"Want to get accepted in a CPA Net but live in a foreign country here's what to do"

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    Not being able to join any cpa nets because you live in a foreign country located "in the middle of nowhere" is holding your dreams of internet riches back?

    Well here's my take on how to get around this annoying problem.

    Cpa nets just like any other business want the same thing as you do, hard cold cash. If you can somehow prove that you will provide them some real traffic that converts and make their advertisers money which will obviously make the cpa money, they will accept you even if sure located in the middle of nowhere.

    Step 1:

    First off you need to build a website or blog, take your time to research other sites in the niche youre planning to build your site around, you need to be able to promote the average cpa offer on this site so do your homework on this (do not just clone or copy paste someone elses content -_-) Remember having a website thats doesnt look like some crap you made in 10 minutes is vital if you want to get accepted so until you can come up with some decent content for your site or a decent site for that matter keep working on it. Get a .com domain if possible and set up an email account using that domain, many hosting services offer all this dirt cheap.

    Step 2:

    After youre done with step 1 its time to look up some decent cpa's to join. My advice here in case you dont want to get paid with checks (which most of the time suck if ure located in some foreign country in the middle of nowhere) is that if ure confident that you can get some real traffic that converts look for cpa nets that offer payments via wire transfers, paypal and such, do not waste your time with cpa nets that only offer payments via checkes.

    Step 3:

    Go to this site www . affaimlist . com and make sure that the CPA you want to join has some of their aff managers aim listed on that site.

    Apply to such CPA using your "decent" site or blog. Some cpa nets will auto ban your application by some internal system **cough copea_** :rolleyes:
    if this happens to you dont get discourage at this point it doesnt mean anything just proceed with step 4.

    Step 4:

    Once youve taken care of step 1, 2 and 3 proceed with step 4 by hitting your aff manager's aim but before you do and this is very important, You need to come up with a script of what youre going to say to this AM, you cant just add them to your aim and go: Hi i wana join your CPA and when they start asking questions go completely :eek::confused: not knowing what to say.

    Do not tell them your country up front and remember to take your time in writing that script, every possible question should have an answer that makes you look as knowledgeable on internet marketing and professional as possible. You need to understand that from a cpa standpoint most of the fraudulent traffic that goes to a cpa offer comes from foreign affiliates thats IMO the main reason why cpas reject foreign affiliates apps, basically youll need to gain their trust before they know where youre located. Course any cpa rep would deny such things -_-

    Heres a short example of what to do: tell them that youre interested in joining their network and that you have traffic that converts and how youre going to benefit their advertisers with your traffic etc basically just go with common sense. Youll need to show them a site and email them using an email address from that domain to prove to them that youre the owner of that site/domain.

    They will ask you what methods youll use to promote the offers and which types of offers are you interested in promoting etc, from years of personal experience if everything goes according to plan 90% of the time at this point in the conv. theyll be interested in other words If they see real benefits in your "services" your location becomes irrelevant they just want to profit off their advertisers without having to worry youll try to defraud them. They will ask the info you entered on their application on which they will see your site.

    Step 5:

    Most of them will call so youll need to prepare another "script" just like the 1st one but this time youll have to be able to pronounce it, make sure you practice enough so your english sounds as fluently as possible.

    Thats about it for now, this would give you a general idea of what to expect but most importantly you need to be able to learn handle every possible question a AM throws at you to guaranteed your success :cool:

    :D Blackhat all the way! :D

    Hope some of this helps someone a bit and best of luck ;)
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