Want to Buy high TF CF business niche backlinks! :)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blackwarriormonster, Mar 18, 2016.

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    Hi my friends,

    :)Do you offer high TF CF (30 or more higher); business niche, low outbound link, USA ip backlinks?

    I have a website: http://www.kicksvovo.com/ , you can check with the keyword "cheap jordans", it's now at the 2nd page of google.com

    You can also analysis the 1st competitor of me "cheapjordansfreeshipping . com" backlinks by Majestic or other tools, his site has ranked at the top for about 3 month, his high quality backlinks maybe comes by hacking, do you have any super powerful backlinks for me to bit it?

    What i need is not amount of the backlinks, but the quality, since i have ranked my site for about 5 months, last month, one of my category page: http://www.kicksvovo.com/mens-jordan-shoes has ranked at the 2nd position at top page, but now disappeared, i don't know why, maybe been penziled? If possible, you can also analysis my site in your expert aspect for me

    So my friends, if you can provide me some powerful backlinks to rank my site and bit the competitor who at the 1st currently, that is great for me

    In a word, the backlinks should be:
    1. Must be business niche.
    2. High TF CF (30 + would be the best, more higher more great)
    3. Low outbond links and no gambleing, sex, medical ... dangerous site together. (how many outbound links?)
    4. USA IP since my target market is USA, i will rank google.com

    If you offer these backlinks, will be happy to subscribe your package, if possible, please send me some sample pages
    if everything ok, you can PM me, i will purchase soon!:)

    Waiting for your reply.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.