Want to be my partner? I wrote an eBook but I have no time to market and sell it...

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    Hi thanks for reading.

    I wrote a dating eBook last year -- How to meet girls online.

    The content is good. Really good. It has quality graphics and its not scammy or sleazy in any way. It's good stuff. Publication worthy. 128 pages.

    I sold 3 copies but I just don't know much about Affiliate marketing/pitch pages/etc. I only do Adsense and programming these days and that takes all my time.

    I'm kind of looking for someone to take the project over, and give me a commission per sale. I am also a graphic designer, so I can re-brand the book/"cover art" to fit your website.

    If you are the right man for the job, then PM me and I will send you a free sample of it.


    Your First and Last name.
    What country are you from. (I'm in California)
    Some convincing credentials (site links, stats) to show me that your are good at IM and you are for real.