Want this forever? Make it forever! [MORAL BOOSTER]

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    Hello fellow Black Hat World members.

    I am pretty much a moral booster type of guy. I like to make people feel good about themselves, look on the bright side of life and pretty much forget about haters.

    Although this song is no longer new, i think the beginning bit and chorus can really make you think..

    Forever - Drake ft. Lil. Wayne and Eminem

    Basicly, not everyone is born rich, infact, not many people at all are.

    People on this forum work hard to reach their goals, and the money you make today, surely your going to want that forever? Some people go to work at 6 get home at 6, and get paid less than you guys, and you may even have stuff on autopilot!

    But, if you want this forever, then make it forever. Don't ever think "oh man, i'm tired of the same old everyday" or "i really cant be bothered to do this today". You've got to stick with it, try new methods - Theres no such thing as FAILURE, its just trying something and it not working; you never fail. Get back up, try something else.


    Drake goes on to say:

    A bit of bragging, maybe you like the idea of showing off your money. If not, maybe you love the idea of knowing your making it.

    I think this is pretty good. Its the kind of feeling that no one expected it. It could be the same with you. Maybe your the usual guy, but really your making it big time on the internet, and one day you'll pull up at a party in your Ferrari, and everyone will wonder what happened. "Who'd have thought that guy would have ever made a buck?! "

    Simple. He did it on his own - You do the same. Keep in the game, don't give up. You might work with a JV partner, but still, don't give up. Drake made the music, the albums, the money - But didn't have someone give him a pen and paper to sign a record deal; he did it alone.

    He didn't give up - He made it big. SO WHY SHOULDN'T YOU?

    You may not have understood anything i've said, or you may just think i really like Drake or something...

    Well all i'm trying to say is: DON'T GIVE UP - IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

    Keep in the game, try different methods, don't give up UNTIL you get what you want.

    I hope this gave some kind of boost to people :)
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    Getting paid.
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    HAHAHA I did not expect this, i'm listening to "succesful" at this moment reading this thread, it actually just started when i clicked this thread. Listening to rich rappers really motivates me :D
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