Want help for my first post in wordpress.

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    I have hosting in Hostgator and I installed wordpress. Now when I create my first post, it's url is some thing like, mydomainname.com/abc?1. i want to make that post as my home page. If anyone clicks on mydomainname.com. the visitor should go to that page. But I am unable to find the setting to do that. I have spent a lot of time on that but no success. Kindly help me in this. Thanks in advance.(I have installed elegant theme.)
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    You could just make your post a "sticky" and it will always be at the top of your home page. When you are writing, look at the right sidebar of the text editor page and you will see a link for it. So, when your domain is clicked, your home page loads and the "sticky" post will always be first on the page.

    Another way is to use a redirect in your CPanel in your hosting account. Write your post, publish it, click the link in the title of the post and copy the url in the address bar. That address will be your redirect url to use. When anyone clicks on your domain, the redirect sends them to your post.

    Hope that helps and maybe someone can give you a better way.