Wanna Test Xrumer or another Tool in a cool way?

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    Cake Poker(online poker network) stole 60k from a guy who won it fair and square on the tables suggesting that the guy who lost 60k to him(trough a nite) was obviously playing irational and how he should understand that.

    Right now entire community on 2p2(major poker forum) is trying to bump this thread on google for the "cake poker" search term so people who might play on Cake in the future know what happened.

    Yes i know that thread is really, really long now because all sort of things happened in the meantime, including

    - Cake offering op(guy who they took 60k from) a NDA to sign that he keeps his mouth shut

    - Op took a lawyer and obviously remains shut for this moment

    The thread is currently on the second page of google on the bottom :)

    If you are perhaps bored or just wanna do some Xrumer tests maybe you could join this crusade and help the case by spamming the thread with backlinks(good ones hopefully :p )

    and on the end we see the results, for the fun, testing experimental purposes and i hope for justice as well.

    If you wanna join the ride come with some backlinks, term is cake poker