Waffles Journey To Ultimate Freedom! (By Building An Authority Website)

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    Hey guy! My name is Waffles, yes I'm a newbie but I've been following the forum for the past six months and reading all the journey threads (the ones that are regularly updated) I've found one conclusion; those that start a thread and follows through it are more likely to be successful than those who doesn't.

    I broke it down to three simple reasons :
    -Being accountable to your actions and not wanting to let others see you as a failure.
    -Being motivated by others to keep going.
    -Having you and others makes sense of the things you're doing wrong and fixing it.

    Now an introduction,

    I've just turned 21 and I KNOW that 21 is THE year. The year that I would make something out of myself. The past year I've been really lazy with myself and my future because I was in love and he had provided me with basically everything in life that you can imagine. So naturally I lost my way and was just leeching off of his successes. This is a shame because before I met him I was the top student in my country and I've got a scholarship and a job waiting or me after I graduate (I still do of course, but my drive for success seemed to have vanished when I was with him).

    Ok so I don't want this to be a soppy heartbreak story but you have to know where I am coming from. So we broke up, I lost everything, I lost my values, my identity and my passion. BUT something hit me, I've decided I was gonna make the breakup as something positive. So I thought since I love the lifestyle he gave me, I was gonna try my HARDEST to achieve as much or maybe more! So there was a period of couple of months afterwards where I jumped from one aspiration to another, but couple of months ago I've found the beauty of blogging and website making (I've always been a writer anyway but I've never knew I could make a living out of it). So the past couple of months I've been learning and researching on everything I need to know to make this work.

    So I have one year left in University, next year in July I will graduate and come back to my hometown. That's my short term goal, in one year I wish to build up an authority website that I can be proud of. That's just a short term goal, by the end of my time in Uni I wish for this site to atleast give me $1000/month and I'll see how I can scale it up afterwards.

    Now what makes this journey different? Well first is because I won't b dealing with blackhat techniques and over-SEO, this is just pure passion and hardwork in building something up that I can tell everyone about in life "yes I am the creator of such and such website, nice to meet you too".

    I won't be updating every single day as I know I'm still a student and that promise will just set myself up for a fail. BUT I will update once every week. As of now the updates will mostly just be milestones and progress as opposed to earnings (I'll tell why in a minute).. I will maybe post irregular randoms in between the week if I have a problem or ramblings about the website though..(This looks like it will be such a mess but I'll have it organize as I go on)..

    and don't think that I will just give up on updating because I may have not been proud of the things I have let slip by my hands in the past but if there's one thing I am strong at is that I never give up.

    Plus because I've told all my friends and all my family that I am working on this website. I've also told my ex that I'll see him at the TOP! SO I can't fail.. I see them as a front end motivation with all the bright side of the website.. and I see this forum as the back end of the site, where all the nitty gritty details are discussed (i.e monetization and traffic).

    Now to the stats info, if you're looking for numbers on earnings then I suggest you come back to this thread in at least another 4-5 months. Why? Because I am currently just building up traffic to the website and wanting it to gain momentum and value. I don't put Google Adsense (I will consider it in the future when traffic is high and steady).

    My plan right now is posting content (content is always atleast 1000 words above) twice a week, and for every 3 - 4 posts I will post a review on something that I think they might like (with an affiliate link of course), so I'm hoping in 4-5 months I will have enough traffic and enough reviews (maybe that will be about 8 - 10 product reviews by then) that will garner me atleast a few dollars every day. I don't know why I am not dreaming big enough, I maybe should but I don't know, I guess I like gradual growth. If everything goes well as planned, in 4-5 months I hope to have enough traffic by then to release an "Ultimate Guide to such and such" that is chock full of affiliate links and hopefully people will trust me enough on the website to listen to what I say.

    As of now I have only installed Kontera Ads, posted 2 affiliate reviews and 12 original contents in the website, it's been live for about a week and has gotten about 150 UV. My first stats goal for this month is to have 500 UV.

    Oh why is the thread called ultimate freedom? Because freedom for me is being able to pay back my scholarship. Freedom is working for myself. Freedom is being able to not be bounded by financial limitations..

    So, wish me luck!

    Current Goal = Increase Traffic!
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    ★☆ Earth! =) ★☆
    Wish you a best of luck to your journey, Subscribed! :D
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    1st time seeing a person with one post count started a journey thread. Welcome to BHW mate.
    And all the best for your journey.
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    Subscribed as I am also currently building an authority site.
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    Good Luck!!! :)
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    This journey sounds interesting. I'll be keeping track of this! And welcome to BHW! :)
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    Hi cen you send me waffles invite ?