VSB Pro 2 - Create Pro Videos With Auto Human Voice-Combine Images/Videos

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First I want to wish Merry Christmas to everybody who is celebrating Christmas this days.

We offering HUGE discounts to Video Spin Blaster Pro and all of our other products, please check this page for more details:

If you want to grab your copy of the software, do it now :)

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
All our products are updated and working 100%.
Yes, VSB Pro is working very good, better than ever :)

So, it means it is working with Windows 10, right? Because I only see W8.1 mentioned in the first post.
Considering to buy a new video creator, as my old ones are not working properly anymore and the authors abandoned them
The software is updated and works perfect on windows 10 and all other windows systems

Thank you for the update.
So far it is in my tops I am considering - going to read all the posts here, so I don't ask the same questions
Hey will this work for review products videos? and what real like human tts speach vooices are supported or included? the ones in the video samples sound still very computer voice anything you can offer to make the voice human like?
Sweet. I can add my own voice parts. Plus it fits music to the video. Nice. I like it!
Good software, thanks. Keep up the good work.
I'ts still working with youtube ? I read in this forum about problem and deleted accounts after use this software
It is working with YouTube.
VSB pro is a video creator, and it can also spin existing videos.
You can't get banned for creating videos with VSB.

You can get banned if you upload spam content or hundreds of videos in 1 day.

hi , it is work witjh all language i mean can he use french text to speaking let me know thank you
Why can’t I see a video already made with voice over ?
Want to see what it’s like ... I only see you recorded process until video render and not play the video to show final result
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