VPS w/ software preinstalled. 3 licenses already in use try to log in in 5 minutes

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    I am giving BHSVPS a try. I received a message saying I needed to try to login in 5 minutes because too many licenses were being used or that I could deactivate one of the licenses. Of course they weren't talking to me, but to the folks at BHSVPS.
    Anyway, how big of a problem should I expect from this?

    I would prefer to keep the service. Running everything from a VPS saves me a bunch of time/resources. It is a professional looking interface. I just started, but once I figure it out I think it will be very useful to me. If, however, my access will be limited I need to move on rather than wasting time here learning software that I won't be able to access. On the other hand, if this is like the phone not working because all the lines are busy than this will not be a problem for me. It will be a rare occurrence.
    I am also wondering if someone with a VPS package better than mine will receive priority service. Meaning I get bumped whenever they log on.

    Can anyone shed some light on this situation. I really don't want to spend time learning SENuke XCR if I am going to wind up running Ultimate Demon from a virtual box on my home machine.

    Thank you for your consideration