VPS Hosting for Adult and Movie Site

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    I recently purchased a VPS, and would like to run a couple sites off of it. 1) An adult tube site and 2) a movie streaming site.

    Problem is, I don't know how to migrate my sites from localhost to a live site (accessible on the internet). Guess it was harder than I thought lol.

    Anyways, I was thinking of using my shared hosting to build the actual sites and have them online easier. But is there a way I can still host the videos on my VPS? I searched google, and haven't found many solutions.

    Since movies are illegal, most hosting services won't allow me to upload them or will take them down quickly. I need something more reliable and keeps videos up forever (or at least a while). I also don't want to constantly create new accounts to upload videos.

    Also, some hosting services do not allow adult content. So I need something that will allow adult and illegal content uploads.

    Basically, I would like to host the videos online from my VPS, so that I can embed them into my sites. Are there any ways I can do this avoiding a third party? Or are there free ones that allow illegal/adult content.
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    Some file sharing services will let you host copyrighted content like movies and they are what most (if not all) movie streaming sites use. A good example is filenuke.com. You can find more sites that can host your movies by visiting other streaming sites to see what file sharing/storage services they use.
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    did you make some headway in vps??