VPN vs Remote Desktop ...which is more secure to login to paypal and online banking?


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Aug 2, 2008
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Soon I will be going overseas to Europe and Africa and doing some traveling. During that time I would like to be able to login to my online banking and to also to still use my paypal account. I have read tons of horror stories of people login to their paypal account in a different city or on vacation and them automatically just shutting the account down and requiring the user to send a zillion pieces of info to prove their identity.

I would much rather avoid all of this.

So the two options I'm considering is getting a VPN or a Remote Desktop provider setup so that when I login through the connection my info shows that I'm still here in North America. I would prefer to use a VPN since it will be much easier to get that setup. The question is...can paypal or my online banks detect this? (I'm not so worried about my online banking, they tend to be much more reasonable).

Do you guys think its dangerous to use either? Or should I not even consider vpn and just use remote desktop ? Or is a remote desktop connection the safest?

Maybe even a proxy server might be able to get the job done and not be detected?

I would appreciate any help and recommendations, and would be great if you can recommend a VPN or a Remote Desktop provider, if its against forum policy to post here just send me a private message.

I'm not expert in the field, but these are insights:

1. Encrypted VPN (secured) changes all your information to many symbols, some excerpt:
"A VPN makes it possible to be anonymous by encrypting the information to outsiders and authenticating any and all data transmissions. So, even though you can see your screen name and password to log in to Amazon, that information would be encrypted to a hacker. On top of that, a VPN would make it difficult for a hacker to even get in to try and to see that information, since he or she would need to get into your private network, not just your computer or the Amazon website. If you?ve secured your private network with a good password, then you shouldn?t have anything to worry about. A VPN can also be helpful in encrypting and hiding any information you send via email or instant message. Although it?s not recommended to send credit card numbers or other personal information through those channels, any information that you do send would be encrypted as well.

2. Just write to paypal support and ask them, what they recommend from VPN style connection. And if you will do that, please write what they respond here, it's interesting for me too.

Remote desktop - you mean? VPS? Even VPN can have remote desktop I think :)

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