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    Just as info in case anyone is interested in decent proxy services - recently I paid for two online VPN's and I just wanted to review them briefly. I'm using these to post to Craigslist mostly.

    BlackLogic.com - very fast VPN but took a few days after paying to get setup. Only $15 per month but had only one IP which limited it's usefulness.

    When I tested their proxy the IP resolves back to blacklogic.com which for me limited it's usefulness. If you're OK with only one IP then I would recommend them - they were fast and reliable.

    - another elite VPN for $15-$30 per month that uses openVPN windows GUI interface and it assigns random IP's every time you logon. My tests could not detect the proxy and the host resolved to a benign domain that did not appear to be a proxy.

    Each server assigns you one of two local addresses on the LAN. They're randomized by OpenVPN. Then each of those local LAN addresses links to a different external IP. (Whatever that means - that's what the admin told me)

    I'm not sure how many subnets they are using but I'll report back. I signed up for the "super-stealth" vpn for $30 and you get Euro or American IPs. This could be useful for joining programs like EPN to mask your location.

    They do a custom setup on the openVPN program so it does take a while to get the download prepped. Emails to support were returned very quickly and they have been very helpful. Once you get it installed connecting to the vpn is only a few clicks away. Very very easy to use.

    If you decide to try it out use coupon code "viperm" in the discount box.

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    hey any updates? i am looking for something like this.