VPN for posting reviews online (Google, YP, etc) Alabama

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    I handle the internet marketing for the company I work for. The problem we have had is that mad people leave negative reviews, but happy people don't leave positive reviews.

    We recently started getting customers to fill out satisfaction surveys while at their homes.
    We then hired a company to post these reviews to all different review sites. It has worked out great except it is expensive and I see I can pay much less to a VPN provider and do it myself. I have been looking for one that had an IP in my state (Alabama) and the only one I have found is IAPS, but they don't respond to my emails. HMA seems like a good provider and responded to my email very quickly.

    It seems that paying someone to do it or us doing it ourselves is the only way to make sure we get good reviews posted.

    My question is...is this a good idea and what do I need to make sure I do in the process to make sure this is legit?

    These are all real reviews from real customers with the customers name on them and their permission to post the reviews online.
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    I've used HMA VPN b4 and it seemed to work good. Though I'm sure their proxies will get banned one day as Google's pretty clever at finding proxies out.