Volarex of fiverr is on BHW ???

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by eskiz, Dec 10, 2016.

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    Last month my site was page 8 for my main key After delivery of gig minidominator of volarex my site has dropped is not even in the top 100 This is very embarrassing Yet this seller is the best seo on fiverr with a lot of good evaluations and over 33k sales! Why does it fall on me ?! I can no longer ask for revision, the seller always replies "be patient we will fix" but I see no evolutions! And for crowned the whole fiverr blocked the messages that I send to volarex to treat my messages! advices ?? Thanks to all
    Sorry for My english i'm french !
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    this is bhw not Fiverr, address this over there. They are just telling you to be patient so you will leave it too late to leave any feedback. Nothing is going to get fixed. just leave them the feedback they deserve and dont buy crap.
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