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Sep 16, 2008
Hey everyone so I figured id share a trick with you to get a bunch of free backlinks:

Go sign up for free Accounts at getafreelancer and elance.

Then create a writing job proposal, again free at both of these sites.

In the proposal say whatever you want it really doesnt matter. In the proposal at some point add your link.

If you want to go a step further when you sign up for these places, you can make your username the URL you want to get links for.

Now when you make a job proposal on one of these sites, the proposal will be indexed by google. Not only that, but there are LOTS of other sites that take the feed from these sites and will post your listing as well. All these pages will be indexed by google too.

Anyway I hope some of you find this helpful.

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well even if you only do it twice its free, then if you do decide to sign up for paid, everytime you need something done you can do this, and if you are doing a lot of seo and Im you def need to outsource work often.
o and with get a freelancer even if you have to pay if a project is completed, dont complete the projecct. Or accpet a bid but dont follow through. Or actually order something for 10 bucks. Idk there are a lot of options. I have never done this for backlinks on purpose. I was checking google results for one of my sites and noticed a lot of these links, but now I started doing it for a bunch of my sites.
Could you make your username like Get something here

and then it would appear title @google ?
yea, you can make your username whatever you want, that is also applicable with social bookmarking sites like mybloglog
interesting method, to bad you cannot use title, i am curios if the link lasts in time.
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