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Vital Benefits of having a Dedicated Server

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by akshay_saini, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. akshay_saini

    akshay_saini Newbie Premium Member

    Aug 30, 2019
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    Despite businesses being large scale or small scale in nature and class, the business owners and brand cynosures are presented with a wide array of options for hosting their web pages, mail servers, software applications, and websites of the brand. And when we do a market study and research, many of the brands in the market go with and select the option of the shared hosting or a shared server wherein the single server is shared by the number of brands. There is a lot of noise and commotion owing to the server not being dedicated in nature and being shared by other players in the market as well.

    But the companies and brands that are looking for the advantages of more power, more control, more efficiency, and more productivity of the business go for the service providers that offer Dedicated Server Hosting. With the Dedicated Server, the brands have exclusive rights of the resources of the server. The service provider offers CPU, RAM, and disk space as per the needs and requirements of the business. Plus the provider maintains and builds the server making the Dedicated Server Cheapest for the brand.

    Top 7 Advantages of the Dedicated Server Hosting:

    1. No shared resources:

    Selecting server that is dedicated in nature and order, the resources of your server are not shared at all with other brands in the market. There are no issues such as other websites and applications taking up the space of the CPU and RAM of your server. As a dedicated server being the benefactor of your business, your dedicated server doesn’t slow down with the bad scripts and spikes of other websites won’t affect your usage and slow down the speed.

    2. High levels of security and performance:

    When you select a Dedicated Server for your business, your service provider assures that there is a maximum level of uptime of the website of your business with the guarantee of the high levels of security and performance. Shared servers are selected by the brands that experience low or medium levels of traffic on their websites. But if your website witnesses huge amount of traffic, Dedicated Server Cheap is the best option for you ensuring reliability and stability to the core.

    Yet another the merit of a Dedicated Server is that you are not sharing the space with the website that is malicious or is a spammer. If your brand handles transactions over SSL and FTP, the dedicated server is a must for you.

    3. The factor of flexibility:

    There is a the benefit of flexibility attached to the Dedicated Server with the ease of choosing software, disk space, CPU, and RAM amongst other business needs and requirements. Sever that is shared, its operating system is loaded with the requirements of the other brands. It gives the brand more control and access over the server plus the configuration of the the server is planned and designed as per the needs and requirements of the business.

    4. IP Address that is Unique:

    Dedicated Server has it’s own and unique IP address. And if the server is shared with other brands, it means that your IP address is shared with other and multiple brands and websites. For instance, if your neighbor’s website is spam or is an adult site, the ranking of your website will be pushed downwards.

    Having a Dedicated Server Hosting with a unique IP address is a must if you are running an e-commerce website requiring SSP for processing of credit card payments.

    5. No Overheads:

    Many a time, brands don’t have time and resources to manage the server within their team and selecting a Dedicated Server is an affordable and resourceful option for your business. The service provider builds and maintains your server along with its types of equipment improving your return on investment.

    6. Scalability:

    You need to measure and scale the performance of your server for which you are shelling out a lot of money from the monthly budgets of your business. The shared server doesn’t give you that option is it is not exclusively owned by you and is shared by several other brands. And Dedicated Server provides you with the option of scalability helping you to enhance the productivity levels of your business.

    7. Customer Support:

    Dedicated Server Hosting comes with yet another benefit of 24 by 7 customer service and support by the provider via emails, phone calls, live chats, and other communication channels resolving your issues then and there saving your valuable time and resources.


    The benefits of the Dedicated Server come with the cost attached to it. Shared server hosting is quite affordable in nature but if your websites deal with huge traffics and come with the requirements of the high levels of security and customization, then a dedicated server is the best option.
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