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    Jul 28, 2008
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    hello, in september 2007, i bought a new dell destop with vista home premium installed. i hated this os from the start, drove me nuts. for a while, up to early of this year i was seriously thinking about downgrading, even though the dell techs on the phone always discouraged me from doing so. anyway, i expanded the RAM to 4gb, the automatic updates are installed regularly and i was able to basically do what i needed to do on the computer, so i decided to not bother downgrading to xp.
    the thing is, however, i have now run out of storage space originally 300gb- i am constantly moving stuff over to my external drive. but in sept i bought an internal storage drive of 750 gb to expand my system, i installed it correctly, but i have two separate opinions (dell tech and local tech) have both told me I will have to re-install the Operating System so my computer can recognize my 2nd internal hard drive. so a decision i thought i had made a while back is alive again.
    Should i re-install VISTA on my desktop, or go ahead and downgraded down to WIN XP?