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Vision and Tenacity - JustAnother-BlackHatWorld-Story - Lessons You Shouldn't Forget

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by JustAnotherStory, May 3, 2014.

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    May 3, 2014
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    Disclaimer: This story is being shared as anonymously. I wanted to share my gratitude with the forum for the years of support during the ups and downs I had before reaching the level I am at now. I am not in intentionally violating any of the rules and know them well. However, when faced with giving back I felt this was a way I could keep my privacy on the forum and it is the way I am most comfortable with sharing.

    I am a late 20-something year old '09 BHW JR. VIP / Donor and here the story of how years of nothing has set me up to become a millionaire before 30. You guys rock.

    To All BlackHatWorld Visitors: Newbies, Admins, Mods, VIPs, Donors, Regulars, Non-Members and the rest of you who got me here and are coming with as we carry on,

    I haven't logged on to the forum in a while but today it dawned on me I had hit another milestone and just went on with my life completely unfazed.

    I decided to call my dad this time, "Dad, I wanted to share something with you that I haven't shared with anyone else yet. Last month I..."

    Another milestone reached.

    But to me it was just another day in the life of.

    The First Two 2007 & 2008

    The first company of mine that failed was a commercial photography business; I didn't have an artistic eye. I don't even know what I was thinking.

    The second company got me in the local newspaper. It was a furniture store I ended up selling for the exact amount I owed on the loan it took to start.

    At the time, the importance of these events weren't realized for what they were. I just new I was going to be rich one way or another. Now I know to move on from what doesn't interest you. Money follows what does.

    BHW 2009

    I graduated college in 2009 and joined BHW. I was also starting my 3rd company. As a recent college grad with tens of thousands of dollars in debt I couldn't afford to lose. Even with a successful business partner I wanted to be certain. I started a side hustle on BHW and met a few great people, some of whom I still work with today.

    Start of 2010

    Fuck. Fail. Fuck. I felt a snowball effect of failures straight out of 2009 and into 2010. On the outside you'd never notice but on the inside it was, "FUCK!"

    The business was supposed to be rinse and repeat with an experienced partner, how did this not work! I moved to another city and then back home. My parents were worried and thought I should get a job but they knew I wouldn't even consider it.

    18 months, 60-80 hours a week of work, and I wasn't a millionaire. I wasn't even close. I was more in debt than ever and I didn't realize how naive I was. My head was spinning for solutions.

    End of 2010

    A light bulb went off and I quickly drew up plans for a new company. I was reading everything and anything on the subject. This was the one that was going to make it. I was going to enter the market on my own terms. A friend on BHW created a graphic design to perfect specifications.

    Because I had moved home I started to reconnect with friends I grew up with. I shared my idea with one who said, "I work for a startup in the city that does this exact thing. Ill ask the CEO if you can come in."

    Someone had my idea and it was working. Success! The next week I'm in the city, folder in hand, down in an office with a CEO who sold his first company at 26 for $25 million. At just 32 he says is, "I brought you in because your friend said you had an idea but we aren't hiring." I put my folder on the table, opened it and said, "Your idea is good but mine is better." By the time I walked out I had been offered a job.

    Start of 2011

    Within 3 months I had helped drive a year old startup to its first profitable month. Damn, it feels nice to get paid. I stayed on a bit longer but eventually left. I didn't want a job; I just wanted to prove me to me.

    I moved to another state to work with my next mentor who at 32 sold his company for $60 million and was willing to give me a shot. Night after night we mapped out ideas in his kitchen. He built the company he sold from nothing and he planned on doing the same with me. It was bootstraps or bust. I can't thank him enough for that.

    I was still in debt but I felt I was going where I wanted to go. Well, it failed. At the time I was devastated. I was working side by side with an incredible entrepreneur and after 8 months (I had been working nights with him on the phone and computer while still at the other company) we called it quits for an array of reasons. That's just how the cookie crumbles

    By May of 2011 opportunity presented itself. I started to work independently and the rest is my personal history.

    End of 2011

    This was obviously my calling. I started working non-stop and by November 2011 I was living back in my home state and earning a paycheck on my terms.

    What the fuck happened. I'm working 80+ hours a week and loving it. Money is coming in everyday. Even while I sleep. Especially while I sleep.


    I?m building. I have partners, JV's, clients, and more opportunity. But you don't get in that easy. Along with partners, I take my first loss, and my second, and my third. Three consecutive losses that would snap anyone back into reality. It was one of those gut wrenching feelings but what could you do? I was hooked.

    Start of 2013

    Even though I am making more money than ever the losses still hurt. I keep my 2009-2011 personal budget in order to sustain growth but am screaming, "Fuck this shit! I?m not having it" inside. I learn more, I earn more, I put more in and I repeat over and over again.

    By the end I've settled all my losses. This was around the time I started to forget about 2009, 2010, and 2012 and why I am glad I am writing to remember now.

    End of 2013

    I'm making good money now, I mean real good. The money keeps coming in as if I can?t stop it.

    I don't want to lose this momentum so I start a new venture to diversify. I pour the money it earns back in as fast as its made. "I never want to feel broke," is all I can think and this is the only way. Diversify, expand, and grow.

    By the end of 2013 the second business has its first employees, managers, and I have a new partner.

    The business I started in May 2011 that helped start it all is still going strong...I mean its going stronger.


    I wanted this year to be big. I wanted to start bigger and I wanted to end bigger.

    May 3[SUP]rd[/SUP], 2014

    I just spent the entire month of April in Thailand. Before that I went to Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival in Miami. This was my first real vacation ever.

    My first successful company is now 3 years old. From January ? April of this year net revenue grew 66%. I'll be completely honest ? that is fucking insane for what it is.

    The second company is launching a new product this month and I'm excited to face the problems that come with it.

    It took friends and family, countless sleepless nights and lots of effort for any of this to ever happen.

    But at the core it took my strong Vision and my relentless Tenacity for success.

    The Vision of what I wanted and the Tenacity to get it. I know I'm not done yet and my path is different than yours, like yours is different than the next persons, but when you look back at what you built, no matter how long it took, and you are proud of it that is what counts. That is success.

    I am not in traditional IM, so I can?t provide you with methods and what not. I was on the forums quite a bit failing at everything here! I don't have any secrets but I can tell you that if you say, ?Fuck it, this is for me!? and you go all in, you will be successful. Just don?t give up.

    This forum pulled me through some tough. A picture of a car or stack of money doesn't mean anything without remembering how you got it.

    Thanks BHW.