visa card needed to get a epassporte visa card

Miss Seoretician

Aug 27, 2009
so i e-mailed support, cause I was sure my account was all activated and verified after I received my rude payment ( I read on several threads that a payment from a business account should work to be able to receive a visa card)

Now I got this :

Please note: In order to have full access to all of ePassporte's products and services, you must add and verify a debit/credit card or a US checking account. ePassporte Account Holders who only have a prepaid credit card on file will NOT be able to:

  • Send money to other ePassporte Account Holders (Peer-to-Peer transfers)
  • Purchase an ePassporte Visa Electron Card
  • Purchase an ePassporte Gift Card Account
  • Withdraw funds to your personal credit/debit card
To access these features, please add and verify a load mechanism that is not a pre-paid credit card to your ePassporte Account.

anyone know that this works with VCC also ? Cause I don't have a visa , and no US account
pls help! i just made a personal account on epass and it ask for someone to send me a $5 transfer to activate my account. be glad to send it back asap thru paypal or epass too!
Dont worry man, When u get your first payout from bizz you work for your account will be acctivated...
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