Virus on downloads - question


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Apr 7, 2010
guys, question...
at which point the computer can get infected - when i download the software or when i run .exe file?

Virus total give option to scan URL (which one, download page?)
but also files (if the file already infected and on your computer, then what's the point?(
It becomes infected AFTER you launch (double-click) the EXE.

If you download an EXE that contains a virus, you will not be infected if you don't execute (double-click) it.

As far as VirusTotal scanning a URL, that is a different thing. Some websites contain malicious code that is executed just by going to the page. You can become infected without doing anything. Scanning a URL BEFORE you go there is a way of determining if the page is infected. So you get the chance to "look ahead" and choose to not go to the page if VirusTotal shows that it is infected. It's not a fool-proof process though. There are some very devious coders on the web these days.
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