Virus in BHW?


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Mar 12, 2008
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Hey Guys,

Today i formatted my computer and installed Norton Internet Security 2010 and amazingly it didn't let me open it, i am not sure it's only my PC or is it real, here's what i get:

Yeah, I've been getting hit by some weird shit on here too.

Spyboy, was this you???
Norton Sux ASS...that is the reason..

Right nowi m using Kaspersky
And 1 month ago i was using Avira

And had no probs at all
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It's a Norton thing, there was someone posting about this ages ago i believe.
Its been like this for a while its actually the lead form that Daves running but i think it only shows on the main domain root. is fine as far as i know.

Just some damn antivirus dont know the difference between an opt in email form and a virus

Has been reported in the past daves call on to remove it or not. Its perfectly harmless yet annoying
i never received this message with Norton 2009 may be new Norton is under beta :rolleyes:
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the heads up.

This is so silly that an optin form pop up is marked as virus by norton. Amazingly, it have actually blocked the BHW homepage for my system, i can only access forum by clicking on category. So weird.
Another thing that was pointed out the previous times this topic came up is that actually NORTON 360 is bangin! I was anti Norton for years cause I got attacked with free Norton. Many of the most experienced BHers agree that N 360 is primo and the virus thing is a glitch. The only part of the group that gets that warning is "Home" for some reason.
There is no virus here, checked with 5 different AV manually.
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