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Oct 26, 2007
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a reasonably affordable full-time VA. The job will consist of providing support for a software and writing articles when no support is required, depending on your country I might decide to translate the software from English to your own language.

The English needs to be native sounding - this is one of the most important things, definitely not looking for anyone that make spelling mistakes and has a strange word phrasing. You have to have the ability to answer to support questions to the point and actually help the customers, not just reply for the sake of it.

I would like to see proof of your skills, and I most certainly will not hire without samples/proof, but those can be handled at a later time if you strike my interest.

If you're interested in this, send me a PM with your pricing details per month and tell me more about your skills and why you would be perfect for the job. Please don't send useless PMs and waste both of our times if you don't fit the description.

Make your Pm count and if you don't get a reply from me please don't insist it will mean that I'm just not interested in your offer, I will try to reply to everybody though.

This will begin as a one month contract at first, but if the job quality satisfies I will continue to keep the VA employed as I definitely need someone long term, so there is a potential future in this employer-employee relationship, and I most certainly hope to find a good VA. I will not pay you in advance for a month, so no need to dream about anything like that. A test period will be scheduled and after that salary will be paid every two weeks or monthly, depending on what is agreed upon, should the applicant be successful during the test period.

If you have any questions go ahead and ask me in the thread, if you think you are fit for the job go ahead and send a pm and I will definitely get back to the ones that I like.

got a couple of PMs, thanks for the interest everybody, though I am still looking so if you think you fit my needs go for it.
UPDATE: thanks to everybody that sent in their applications, just wanted to say that we've selected someone that fits what we were looking for, so the job is filled. If we'll have an opening in the future I will update this thread.
Not open for further replies.
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