Views/likes/comments/follow share networks ? addmefast, youlikehits, u2bviews and others

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    I have been using the following sharing sites, addmefast, youlikethis, enhance views and u2bviews however on those sites 90% if not 99% or more of the people using it, are using bots.

    On enhance views for instance I have 4m points but they limit you to use 250 daily on views and 20 on likes/comments/subs thats ridiculous not only that but it also takes a freaking long time to get views or anything else on enhance views, so I am as of now droppping will just some how burn my credits.

    Addmefast and youlikehits doesnt seem so bad but the following issues happen too often:

    You get unlike or people like you then unlike
    You get subscribers then they have a mass unsubscribers same goes for followers etc
    Havent checked deep in weather the views are or not delivered but seems people are also bypassing the views to get credits so u don't actually get views either

    About u2bviews I dont have much to talk about yet I have just recently registered and am testing it will update about it later.
    Only thing I have noticed on u2views is that you are forced on watching videos even if u just want likes or w/e which makes it slow to earn decent amount of credits but seems worth the time.

    I would like to know from community member's experience which other sites like the above ones are worth taking the time to make a bot for or using ?

    Thanks ;)
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